Our Goal

To manufacture superior bulletproof clipboards and shields for law enforcement officers. We believe in our products and strive to supply every officer nationwide with one by keeping quality high, and prices low.


Ballistic Systems Co. was founded by a retired police officer in 1968. The company has sold over 170,000 clipboards to law enforcement officers nationwide.

All clipboards have a 25-year warranty against breakage or clip damage. (Return to manufacturer for repair or replacement; company pays shipping one way. This warranty covers accidental damage only.)

All ballistic- rated clipboards are UL rated (Underwriter lab tested ) as bulletproof to the specific level purchased.

Attention Officers

Law Enforcement Officers needed to promote our products.

Trauma Plates

Standard size trauma plates (6" x 8") are available for $12.00 (plus $6.00 per piece shipping).

Contact us for other sizes and prices.



Ballistics Systems Co. has built and installed more bulletproof enclosures than any company in America.  Our team of experts will come to your location and give you a free quote.  Doors, windows, sliders -- all done in a professional manner.

We also install safe rooms, bulletproof business and home exterior windows, and security doors.

Call today 713-939-1160 for a free estimate.


Mini Shields for Riot Control and Forced Entry protection are available in standard size 19"x20 " in bulletproof levels 2-3.  Easy to carry and store, these shields are also available in larger size and can feature decals POLICE, SHERIFF, or SECURITY.

Level II -- 357 Mag. and smaller, cost $214.00

Level III -- All handguns (including 44 Mag.), cost $235.00